• Silver-Coated Particles

Silver-coated particles consist of a specially chosen core material that are plated with the precious metal coating, which offers a lower cost and lower weight alternative to pure silver plus a range of other benefits.

These particles are increasingly being used in applications that require premium electrically conductive fillers, generally for high technology situations where consistent performance is absolutely critical.

They exhibit a unique range of advantages as electrically conductive fillers incorporated into a wide range of end products, such as adhesives, lacquers, coatings, lubricants, greases and EMI shielding gaskets.

The whole family of two-component particles have four very distinct benefits, when compared with pure silver:

  • A lower absolute density
  • Mostly less expensive
  • Available in a number of different morphologies
  • Available in a variety of different substrates

To help you choose the optimum product for a specific application, why not use our handy selection guide →

Alternatively, for advice from our experienced technical team or to place an order, please contact us.

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Silver-Coated Solid Glass Spheres

Silver-Coated Hollow Glass Spheres

Silver-Coated Glass Flakes

Silver-Coated Glass Fibres

Silver-Coated Glass Granules

Silver-Coated Aluminium Particles

Silver-Coated Copper Particles

Silver-Coated Nickel Particles

Silver-Coated Ferrite Particles

Silver-Coated Hollow Ceramic

Silver-Coated Silicon Carbide

Silver-Coated Sub-10 Micron Particles

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