• Silver-Coated Particles

Silver productsSilver-Coated Particles are becoming used in increasing quantities, in applications that require premium electrically conductive fillers, generally for high technology situations where performance is critical.

These particles exhibit a unique range of advantages, as electrically conductive fillers incorporated into a wide range of products such as adhesives, lacquer, paint coatings, EMI gaskets, greases and lubricants.

The whole family of particles exhibit four distinct advantages, when compared with pure silver:

  • A lower absolute density
  • Mostly less expensive
  • Available in a number of different morphologies
  • Available in a variety of different substrates

The Silver-Coated Particle Range

 Glass Substrates

  • Silver-Coated Solid Glass Spheres
  • Silver-Coated Hollow Glass Spheres
  • Silver-Coated Glass Microspheres
  • Silver-Coated Glass Flakes
  • Silver-Coated Glass Fibres
  • Silver-Coated Glass Granules

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Other Substrates

  • Silver-Coated Nickel
  • Silver-Coated Aluminium
  • Silver-Coated Copper
  • Silver-Coated Ferrite
  • Silver-Coated Hollow Ceramic
  • Silver-Coated Silicon Carbide

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