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  • Nickel-Coated Graphite from Hart Materials

Nickel-coated graphite is manufactured by encapsulating graphite particles with nickel, using a proprietary process developed by Novamet. This process produces a coating of high purity nickel and, most importantly, consistently achieves excellent coverage of the graphite substrate.

Novamet offers two standard grades:

However, recent advances in Novamet’s coating process have resulted in a greater degree of flexibility and control during manufacture. This means that, in addition to the standard products, a number of customised variations can now be produced for specific user or technological requirements.

Why Nickel-Coated Graphite?

Nickel-coated graphite is a versatile product with four distinct application areas:

Electrically conductive products, such as flexible gaskets, are designed to offer shielding protection of electronic circuits against radiation. Nickel-coated graphite is used as a filler for incorporation into elastomer compounds, in particular silicone, as its shielding effectiveness is comparable to silver-coated products at a fraction of the cost.

In composite lubrication products, where the performance can frequently be enhanced by adding materials such as raw graphite or molybdenum disulphide, nickel-coated graphite is beneficial due to the inherent lubricating properties of the graphite core.

Friction dependant products, such a high performance brake pads, show a double benefit with the addition of nickel-coated graphite. While the graphite enhances the lubricating properties, the nickel metal element improves the heat transfer properties of the product.

Flame spraying has been a long-term application for nickel-coated graphite particles. The coatings produced are ideal for nickel alloy or steel components, and can be used in service conditions of temperatures up to 480°C.

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