We are pleased to announce that PI-KEM Ltd has purchased Hart Materials.

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The World of Small Particles

Nickel spheresSmall particle science is currently dominated by nano-technology materials. However, larger micro-technology particles should not be ignored since they have achieved an excellent track record over the last 30 years, mostly in high technology applications.

For example, spherical high purity nickel spheres are used in processes as wide ranging as metal injection moulding and the manufacture of electrically conductive inks.

Nickel-coated graphite particles have a totally different morphology to nickel spheres. They are used in highly diverse applications, the predominant one being in conductive elastomeric gaskets for electronic shielding.

Alternatively they are very effective additives to controlled friction products, such as brake pads to provide the desired surface properties.

Nickel flake is another versatile product in in the micro-technology range.

It is used to provide thin electrically conductive coatings that are extensively used for shielding of electronics devices.

Hart Materials is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for micro-technology particles. Our product range includes not only the materials featured above but also silver-coated nickel, aluminium, copper and glass.

More details can be found in the appropriate product section of this website.

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