High performance metals, metallic composite products and chemicals for advanced technology applications...

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From cell phones to cars, batteries to paint, our materials are used for many of today's essential products...

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As industry experts, the Hart Materials team stays on top of all the latest news, product developments and legislation...

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About Us

Based in the West Midlands, UK, we supply companies and organisations across Europe and beyond...

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Latest News

Finest particle size in stainless steel powders

Thursday June 8th 2017
Stainless steel powders have enabled major advances in component product design, reliability and performance, which is particularly important in demanding sectors such as aerospace and... Read more

Essential Information on Nickel and Stainless Steel Flake Pigments

Tuesday May 9th 2017
Stainless steel and pure nickel flake pigments exhibit unique properties when incorporated into surface coating products such as liquid paints, powder coating systems and inks. For over... Read more
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