• Nickel Oxides

There are three types of Nickel Oxide available from Hart Materials:

Green Nickel Oxide (NiO)

Green Nickel Oxide is a chemically unreactive stoichiometric compound (NiO) that contains 78.5% nickel metal. Hart Materials specialises in the supply of high purity Green Nickel Oxides that are available in three different size ranges. All of these are suitable for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell manufacture.

Black Nickel Oxide (Ni2O3)

Black Nickel Oxide (Ni2O3) is a non-stoichiometric chemical that contains approximately 77% nickel. It shows greater chemical reactivity than Green Nickel Oxide, particularly in acidic media. Hart Materials supplies high purity grades of Black Nickel Oxide in two different particle size ranges.

Brown Nickel Oxide

Brown Nickel Oxide is a commercial grade of material containing slightly higher levels of copper, cobalt and iron than the Green or Black Grades. It is free from metallic nickel and available as a moderately fine powder with a typical size of 97% below 25 microns.

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Green Nickel Oxide

Black Nickel Oxide

Brown Nickel Oxide

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