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  • Vale Nickel Powder Type 255

Vale 255Type 255 is an exceptionally pure nickel powder made by the nickel-carbonyl refining process. However, unlike Type 123 nickel powder, it has a fine, three dimensional filamentary structure.

Typical Properties

Fisher Sub-Sieve Size 2.2–2.8μm
Bulk Density 0.5–0.65g/cm3
Sieve Size <2wt% + 100 mesh


Typical chemical composition

Ni >99.7%
Co <0.00005%
C <0.200%
Fe <0.0030%
S <0.0002%
O <0.0750%
N <0.0100%

This material is an industry standard for the manufacture of sintered electrodes used in nickel battery production, due to its controlled porosity. It is also used as a pigment for the production of electrically conductive coatings and in a number of powder metallurgical appplications.

Standard packaging is 75kg but Hart Materials can supply in smaller packs down to 5kg, depending on individual customer requrements.

For more information on Vale Nickel Powder Type 255, please contact us.

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