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  • Novamet Nickel Powders Type 525

Nickel 525There are two grades of Novamet Type 525 Powders – regular and high density. Both are manufactured by the nickel-carbonyl gas process, used for the production of Vale Type 123 and Vale Type 255 nickel powders and therefore exhibit the same very high level of chemical purity.

Novamet 525 Nickel Powders have a fine, three dimensional filamentary structure similar to Vale 255. However, they are subjected to further refining processes to remove larger and agglomerated particles. This results in more closely controlled apparent density values that are significantly higher than that of Vale Type 255.

Typical Properties – Regular Grade

Screen Analysis

0% + 325 mesh
0.3% + 400 mesh
99.7% - 400 mesh

Apparent Density


Typical Properties – Low Density Grade

Screen Analysis

0% + 200 mesh
0.3% + 250 mesh
99.7% - 325 mesh

Apparent Density


The refined nature of the Novamet Type 525 powders makes them eminently suitable for the manufacture of electrically conductive coatings. The choice of grade is frequently related to the properties of the resin into which the powder is incorporated and the technology by which the nickel particles are dispersed.

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