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  • Novamet Conductive Nickel Flake Grade HCA-1

HCA 1Novamet HCA-1 Conductive Nickel Flake consists of discrete irregular 99.8% purity nickel platelets. These are approximately 1.0 µm thick with an aspect ratio around 20:1 that are heat-treated to maximise electrical conductivity.

Typical Properties

Screen Analysis + 250 mesh Trace
Screen Analysis - 400 mesh 98%
Apparent Density 1.1g/cm3
Ni Content >99.8%

The flake morphology of Novamet HCA-1 maximises electrical conductivity when incorporated into coatings such as paints or ink. This ensures that the high attenuation standards demanded in electronic shielding applications (EMC) can be achieved consistently.

The flake is also ferromagnetic, which provides effective shielding over a wider frequency range than non-magnetic materials.

It is fully compatible with acrylic, epoxy, urethane and vinyl resins as well as with water-based formulations and powder coating systems.

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