We are pleased to announce that PI-KEM Ltd has purchased Hart Materials.

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  • Holograms

Hologram bannerHolographic originations are created on organic, photosensitive mechanically soft and fragile film. These originations consist of extremely shallow three dimensional images, from which hard copies can electroformed in nickel.

The process route for hologram production involves the surface of the origination being coated with a very thin layer of silver metal to make it electrically conductive. Nickel metal is then electrodeposited onto this silver layer to produce a mechanically robust copy, perfect in detail, of the original image.

An excellent example of the precision achieved, is provided by a security feature on the holographic image of the butterfly, pictured right. On one of the wings, a 0.5mm diameter circle contains a map of Europe, including the precise locations of the capital cities of each country.

For more information about hologram production, please contact us.

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