Anode basketsNo anode material dissolves perfectly uniformly when used in electroplating or electroforming operations. The dissolution process always leaves a small amount of insoluble residue, some of which can be very fine. Whether fine or coarse, this insoluble material will cause defects on the surface of the workpiece being electrodeposited, resulting in costly defects.

Electrodeposition is a very old technology and for many years was often regarded as a poor quality coating process. Things have changed drastically during the last 20–30 years and quality now reigns supreme in electroplating and electroforming technology.

Electroplated decorative nickel/chromium coatings – known as chrome plating – are now expected to be totally free of surface defects, especially when used in the automotive or bathroom fittings industry.

In the electroforming industry, the level of precision demanded by CD and DVD manufacturers has increased significantly since the mid-1980s and similar levels of accuracy are required by the rapidly growing holography market.

The quality of all of the materials and equipment demanded by these technologies has obviously needed to improve to match the standards of modern industry. This applies to the humble anode bag, where the choice of material and precision of construction must provide particle retention of the highest quality.

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