oil fieldNovamet Specialty Products Corporation has, for almost 34 years, been represented in European countries by Hart Materials and its predecessor Hart Coating Technology.

The company produces a range of 60 different small particles including tightly sized nickel powders, nickel and stainless steel flakes, high purity nickel oxides, nickel-coated graphite and silver-coated nickel.

When Novamet’s production site at Wyckoff New Jersey became too restricted to allow for planned business expansion the decision was taken to move to a facility in Lebanon, Tennessee. The company has now become fully established and ISO certified on this site, which required an investment of $ 8.6 million.

pcb boardDr Tony Hart, Chairman and Managing Director of Hart Materials comments:- “Our partnership with Novamet since 1982 has been an excellent one giving us the opportunity to market their high specification products, used predominantly in high-technology applications, such as electronic shielding.

We look on the move to Tennessee as a very positive step providing us with increased opportunities to satisfy the demands of new technologies for the type of high quality particulate materials manufactured by Novamet.”

Details of the Novamet product range are available on this site or by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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