nickel flakeThe demand for NOVAMET Conductive Nickel Flake Grade HCA-1 continues to grow. This is a remarkable achievement for a product that was developed and optimised in the late 1970s and has not been improved upon since.

The answer lies in the unique skill of the powder metallurgist who carried out the optimisation exercise, the late Frank Heck, for many years NOVAMET’s Technical Director.

Frank was a meticulous worker who, when he did a job – did it properly. The longevity of Conductive Flake Grade HCA-1 is a worthy tribute to Frank’ skillful workmanship.

atmHCA-1 Conductive Nickel Flake has primarily found its place as the material of first choice for companies manufacturing high performance electrically conductive coatings for RFI/EMI shielding applications.

mobileShielding of electronic equipment, demonstrated by the two illustrations, has become a very important adjunct of the huge electronics market.

Shielding standards have for many years been part of legislation in many parts of the world including the USA and the European Union. Electrically conductive coatings employing Novamet Nickel Flake Grade HCA-1 have become an essential part of this vital technology.

However, shielding is not the whole of the story for this versatile old war horse. Many of the more recent applications are in different technologies where the unique properties of Conductive Flake HCA-1 are providing an answer to new and demanding requirements.

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