Nickel S PelletsAlthough Hart Materials has limited quantities of Vale 'S' nickel rounds in stock, production has now come to an end, which creates a dilemma for many companies involved in electroplating and electroforming operations.

Reassuringly Vale 'S' nickel pellets, the alternative sulphur-activated product, is still in full production and readily available. This alternative form has similar sulphur content and provides the same dissolution characteristics and performance record.

Recognised expert in nickel electrodeposition technology and Chairman of Hart Materials, Dr Tony Hart, comments: “Companies using nickel ‘S’ rounds may feel uneasy about moving to another product as they’ve provided consistently excellent performance for decades.”

“However, Vale ‘S’ nickel pellets have proved to be equally reliable and are, in fact, the preferred product for many companies. Their spherical shape allows for more regular packing in the titanium anode baskets, which results in better anode dissolution characteristics.”

Hart Materials has supplied Vale ‘S’ nickel products since 1982 and is keen to offer help and advice to companies that may have some misgivings regarding the need to change.

For more information on Vale ‘S’ nickel products, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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