UCLWith the ability to supply small to moderate quantities of chemical and metallurgical products, including some that are difficult to source, Hart Materials is firmly on the approved supplier list of a number of UK universities and research organisations.

Prices are set at extremely competitive levels, consistent with larger quantities, due to a strategy that combines a streamlined product range with highly developed sourcing capabilities.

Built on over 35 years of trading experience, Hart Materials is able to obtain products that are tough to source through major channels.

Hart Materials is working with Imperial College London, Newcastle University, and the University of Birmingham, and is proud to supply the research and development sector.

For specific sourcing enquiries, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Barrett SNHA Hardener Makes a Comeback

Wednesday May 16th 2018
Supply of Barrett SNHA hardening agent has been an issue in recent years, giving grave concern to nickel electroforming companies in particular. Regular supply has now been resumed and... Read more

Electroforming Troubleshooting Case Study

Tuesday May 15th 2018
Problem A Black Country-based manufacturer of high-tech electroformed products had been experiencing problems at the nickel electroforming stage of production. Inclusions within... Read more
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