GNO cropDid you know? Nickel oxide is not a definite description of this common and widely used chemical as there are several different options available.

Hart Materials supplies no fewer than eight grades of nickel oxide, as follows:

  • 4 Grades of Green Nickel Oxide
  • 3 Grades of Black Nickel Oxide
  • 1 grade of Brown nickel Oxide

Green nickel oxide is the stoichiometric form of nickel oxide – formula NiO. All of the grades available from Hart Materials are high purity and differ only in particle size.

Black nickel oxide is a non-stoichiometric material, nominal formula Ni2O3, which is available in two high purity grades with different particle size distribution. A further Grade C material has a lower reactivity than the other materials.

Brown nickel oxide is a general purpose product with slightly higher impurity levels than the other materials.

Further information on Nickel Oxides are available HERE.

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