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  • Novamet Permalloy Magnetic Flakes

Permalloy flake bannerTypical properties of coatings prepared from this grade of flake (suspended in an air-drying acrylic binder at a pigment to binder ratio of 1.33:1) are shown below:

Coercivity (Hc) 10 Oe
Saturation Magnetisation (MS) 42 x 10 – 3 emu
Remanent Magnetisation (MR) 7 x 10 – 3 emu

The outstanding feature of the Permalloy material is the very low coercivity in comparison to the nickel and stainless steel flakes that show coercivity values within the range 62 Oe to 123 Oe.

For more information on Novamet Permalloy Magnetic Flakes, please contact us.

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