We are pleased to announce that PI-KEM Ltd has purchased Hart Materials.

For all enquiries please contact us on +44 (0) 1827 259250 or e-mail sales@hartmaterials.com

A Breakthrough in Quality Control of Electrically Conductive Particulate Products?

It is not possible to reveal the technical and commercial details of this breakthrough since Hart Materials must observe confidentiality both in respect of its customers and suppliers.

However, working in close co-operation with staff at the University of Warwick, WGM UK, the key properties of one of the company's strategic products have been systematically examined using the modern, high quality, scanning electron microscopes available at the University. This has resulted in a science-based explanation - that did not previously exist – of why nominally identical products emanating from different suppliers can behave in very different ways when used in down-stream applications.

Close co-operation with Dr. Kylash Makenji and others at Warwick University WMG was a key factor in making this breakthrough.

This particular specialty product is used in highly demanding applicatons in the aerospace and electronics industry where the consistency of quality of the raw materials employed is absolutely vital to the end product performance.

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