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Barrett SNHA Hardener Makes a Comeback

PlantSupply of Barrett SNHA hardening agent has been an issue in recent years, giving grave concern to nickel electroforming companies in particular.

Regular supply has now been resumed and Hart Materials is able to offer this unique material on a consistent basis.

Barrett has been a well-known brand name in the nickel electroplating and electroforming industries since the early 1950s, chiefly associated with nickel sulphamate solutions.

SNHA hardening agent was developed specifically for use in this type of solution and has proved to be a reliable addition agent over a number of decades.

Deposit hardnesses of between 500 to 600HV (Vickers Hardness) can be achieved with this material and, as it is only consumed slowly during the deposition process, the solution composition control is increased and simplified.

For more information about Barrett SNHA hardening agent, please contact us.

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