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Nickel-Coated Graphite in EMC Shielding Technology

NiC 60When conductive elastomers containing nickel-coated graphite were introduced into electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielding technology, they presented something of an enigma.

Experts wondered how irregularly shaped particles, with a core material that is far less conductive than pure nickel metal, could provide such a high level of performance.

The answer lies in the unique random morphology that gives rise to irregular packing. This provides a conductive path within the matrix, more effectively than can be achieved with simple spherical particles.

Since their introduction in the mid-1980s, these particles have become widely used throughout the EMC industry. They provide a level of performance that is more than adequate for commercial applications, at a fraction of the price of silver-based particles.

For around 30 years, Hart Materials has been supplying nickel-coated graphite particles used to manufacture electrically-conductive composites employed in EMC technology. The company’s depth of experience and extensive technical data has been invaluable in offering support and guidance to its customers.

Managing Director, Dr. Tony Hart, comments: “We’ve witnessed a significant rise in the quality and consistency of nickel-coated graphite materials in that time. This comes from innovation in manufacturing technology, together with major advancements to the manufacturing processes involved.”

“The length of time that nickel-coated graphite has maintained its position in the market speaks volumes in relation to its performance and cost effectiveness,” Tony concludes.

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