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Green Nickel Oxide Advancements in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Production

Green Nickel OxideAs an alternative energy technology, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and solid oxide electrolytic cells (SOEC) provide versatile, highly efficient power sources that can play a vital role in the future of energy.

SOFCs cells are suitable for a variety of applications, from serving as off-grid power supply for buildings to increasing fuel efficiency in vehicles. SOEC cells, on the other hand, offer an efficient method of generating hydrogen, one of the fuels used in SOFCs. It is expected that continued R&D in the energy storage sector will accelerate widespread commercial use of this technology.

Ultra-high purity green nickel oxide (NiO), the stoichiometric form of this compound, is an essential material in the construction of the anodes incorporated into these devices.

Novamet ‘A’ Grade Green Nickel Oxide, marketed by Hart Materials, was specifically developed for solid oxide fuel cells. It is an ultra-high purity product, a characteristic vital to the performance of these cells, with a total level of common impurities, such as copper, cobalt, iron and lead, typically less than 25 parts per million.

In addition, Novamet ‘A’ Grade is subjected to further refining steps, which ensure that the presence of contaminant particles is minimised. A tight and consistently controlled particle size distribution is another crucial feature required for SOFC and SOEC applications. This is a further beneficial characteristic of Novamet Grade ‘A’, which has a mean particle size D50 in the region of 5 microns.

Dr. Tony Hart, Managing Director of Hart Materials, comments: “In the 15 years that we have been supplying nickel oxide into these applications, we have seen the quality requirements gradually increasing.”

“Novamet Grade ‘A’ was specifically developed to meet the increasingly stringent demands of this sector, as companies move forward from R&D activities towards fully controlled large scale manufacture."

To measure the critical aspects of this particular product, the best available technology has been harnessed. Advanced techniques are used to determine properties, such as morphology and particle size distribution, whilst highly accurate analytical methods like inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICPOES), give very precise measurements of chemical purity.

“This is a market where product quality and a good practical appreciation of the technology is essential”, concludes Dr. Hart.

In addition to the Novamet Grade ‘A’ product, several other types of high purity materials, with particle sizes ranging from sub-micron to around 15 microns, are readily available from Hart Materials.

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