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Hart Materials reports strong 2017 sales growth of Novamet products

Sales growthHart Materials has reported a 50% increase in its 2017 sales of products from US-based metal particle manufacturer, Novamet Corporation.

The rise is due to a move to focus on export business and a strategy to distribute these products abroad. This has resulted in sales to European countries, including Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Estonia and France.

Hart Materials Managing Director, Dr. Tony Hart, said: ”We’ve had a long and exciting partnership with Novamet. The company produces excellent products of consistently high quality, which is obviously vital when supplying high tech industries where performance is critical.”

“We work closely with our key suppliers, to provide customers with the best products and technical support, and our long-term collaboration with Novamet has been a key factor in our overall success.”

As a Novamet distributor for over 35 years, Hart Materials is highly experienced in marketing its diverse range of speciality products, which includes conductive metallic flakes and powders, nickel-coated graphite particles, high purity nickel oxides, stainless steel flakes and magnetic nickel flakes.

The company is now looking to follow up on this success in 2018, working not only with its key accounts but also reaching out to potential new customers, particularly in the wider European market.

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