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Electrodeposition Plating Solutions Explained

PlantInside the electroplating bath, there are many variables and critical components to optimise the electrodeposition process, including the type of solution used.

Both Nickel and Cobalt Sulphamate solutions are used in electroplating and electroforming applications that demand the highest degree of precision.

Audio discs, optical discs, and holograms used for security and decorative purposes, are all examples of applications that require this level of performance.

Due to faster deposition rates, Nickel Sulphamate is used more extensively than the cobalt equivalent, an essential quality especially for the popular barrel plating method.

The higher conductivity of the solutions increases the speed of the process, which can, for example, be as high as 30–40 A/dm2 in the manufacture of thin nickel foil.

Cobalt Sulphamate Solution is used to produce nickel-cobalt alloy deposits that are harder than pure nickel but are still able to retain a high level of ductility and toughness.

Hart Materials has been supplying electroforming products for over 35 years and Managing Director, Dr. Tony Hart comments, “One of my overriding experiences with these solutions is the ease with which they can be controlled, even by operatives with little practical experience of electrolytic processes.”

Hart Materials recently updated its Nickel Sulphamate Working Manual, an invaluable resource that provides detailed practical instructions for operatives using the electrodeposition process. Your free copy is available for download here.

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