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Award for Hart Materials Chairman

Dr Tony HartDr Tony Hart, Chairman and Managing Director of Hart Materials, was admitted as a Fellow of ‘The Royal Society of Chemistry’ on 17th June 2016.

Commenting on the award, Tony remarked, “I first joined the Royal Institute of Chemistry (as it was then named) as a Student Member back in 1959 and was admitted to professional membership in 1965, just after I obtained my degree in Applied Chemistry from Aston University."

"For many years, I had intended to apply for Fellowship but I have an aversion to filling in forms and never quite got around to it. I felt rather guilty about this last year, when I received a certificate congratulating me on 50 years of professional membership. When I was later sent a personal invitation to apply for Fellowship, I was sufficiently embarrassed to fill in the necessary forms and apply."

“I am delighted", he continued, “to receive this grade of membership with a body as important and prestigious as the ‘The Royal Society of Chemistry’. Since my childhood, the only career that I have ever been interested in, was that of an industrial chemist. I still have a love for this discipline and a pride in the huge range of improvements that chemistry has made to the wellbeing of the human race.”

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