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  • Grinding Wheels

Grinding bannerAlthough grinding has been a widely used metal working technique for thousands of years, precision levels have now risen to the extent that grinding to an accuracy of 0.005 µm is required. For this to be achieved, the grinding devices used must be manufactured to a similar level of accuracy.

To maintain this accuracy, the profile of the grinding device must be ‘dressed’ at regular intervals. As grinding wheels are made from extremely hard materials, the device used to maintain the profile of the wheel must be even harder. These are known as rotary diamond dressers.

Nickel electroforming is the only process to ensure the phenomenal accuracy, essential with the most accurate and complex dressers.

Diamonds, which act as the grinding medium, are attached to the inside of a hollow cylindrical graphite mould that is a three dimensional reverse image of the required dresser. The diamonds are secured in place by the electro-deposition of nickel onto the inside of the mould to produce a free-standing electroform, capable of surviving the rigours of the grinding process.

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