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Electronic devices are prone to emitting and receiving extraneous interference signals. This problem has been intensified as most housings for electronics equipment are made from plastics which, being non-conductors, offer no inherent shielding. Therefore sophisticated shielding technology is required to prevent this type of interference from causing the device to malfunction.

A highly effective method of shielding plastics housing is to coat the interiors with an electrically conductive layer, typically paint. The most cost-effective coatings have proved to be those containing nickel particles.

In addition, plastics housings are normally made up from a number of component parts, which means the joints where these parts come together must be shielded with an electrically conductive gasket.

Nickel-coated graphite particles incorporated into the gasket material provide a high level of shielding performance at a commercially acceptable cost.

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Nickel-Coated Graphite

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